Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey guys! So doesn't everyone think their own kids are the cutest- well I am no exception :)
click on the links below and vote for my kiddos in the gap casting call and get to see our amazingly cute kids while you are at it!! Really hoping to win that carribean vacay! Thanks! Oh yeah- just so you don't think I have a favorite child -bella had two favorite picts and she couldn't choose so she got them both in there- the other two didn't care much so we went for it :)





By the way- you CAN vote every day!!! C'mon we will send postcards and maybe a shell or two your way?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Judd in Central Washington

Judd played like he always does: passes bullets that hit the receivers right in the numbers, runs on a hurt ankle, and plays like crazy until the horn. Washington happened to be 5-0 and 4th in the nation, so Dixie was up against a 1st rate team. Judd Bingham has made Dixie a first rate team and has set a standard for years to come. Congrats JBT. We're very proud of you!

Thanks to Fred, Helen, Gred, Erik, Skye, Jack and Andy for making the long trip