Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving to Arkansas: perhaps a Thompson First

Hi family! Hi from California (for now!)
Thank you for all your prayers for my mom. She is doing well and has now finished 6 of 8 chemo treatments. She is beautiful and amazing in every way.One of our favorite experiences from our stay in California. (Well, it was our favorite once we realized the bear had already eaten another family and wasn't hungry.)

I don't think we've ever had anyone in Arkansas before, and now we'll have 7! We're in the process of moving now and somehow I'm not a total grump. :)
love you all, Chrissi

Maddee & Brett

Hi everyone it's maddee! life is great, we have been married for 7.5 months and it is still magical as ever!
we have a blog, it's private so if you want to be invited to it leave your email and i'll send u an invite :)

Guess who?

I pulled these off Facebook. There were lots more but some wouldn't copy. Family members that have Facebook pages can also post stuff on our blog. In fact, it's better to post it here because it's private and protected.

The point is, we can use the blog for lots of things. Graduations, weddings, births, and just regular stuff.

The assignment for people to put up news and photos each week are just the Minimum. You don't have to wait until it's your turn to post.

Jeannine and Gerald will have something to post June 3rd. Anybody else can post anytime they want.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June wedding

I wanted to share the news that Sara's getting married on June 23rd. Watch your mail boxes or e-mail boxes for more details, as well as a picture of her future husband. This picture is a favorite from a time years ago when she was a flower girl at a wedding for friends in Massachusetts.

If you'll be in the area and can stop by the open house (in Orem, quite near my parents' house), let us know at, so we can make sure to have a bite for you to eat. It won't be white mush, but you can't have everything. And if enough of the family comes, at least you'll know that the company will be great!