Sunday, October 16, 2011

My sweet Gr & Gr

I couldn't resist posting these pictures!
Aren't they so cute?
Love my Gr & Gr Hales.

They are still so in love.
I didn't even tell them to do this!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Forsyth artwork

Let me begin with a reflection on the elastic nature of time. I know scientists have some things to say about this, and there’s that space-time continuum, which I don’t really understand. What I’m talking about is the amazing way that time flows very slowly in some situations, (like when you’re doing something you don’t like, and the clock seems to stop), and in other situations it makes you dizzy, speeding by so fast. I can’t figure out what happened. I know I was planning to post something to the blog on September 16--how did it get to be October 3? Maybe I was abducted by aliens, and lost 2 weeks. I could go out and look for crop circles, but it’s been raining a lot in New England, and the leaves have started to fall, so there probably won’t be any signs left.

Here is a picture that Mark drew (it may be taken from space). He thinks about Germany a lot, first with Sara serving her mission there, and now Jared as well. Jared is serving in the city of Frankfurt now, as an assistant to the mission president. He seems very busy. I know parents love to go pick their missionaries up at the end of the mission. That seems to be discouraged these days, but it may not be an issue for us, as I’m assuming that Jared will either get called to be an area authority seventy and have to stay on, or else get translated, and they’ll just divide his missionary clothes up between the new arriving elders. We feel a bit intimidated by him sometimes.

Lori and family in Westford, MA

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Allreds enjoyed a month in Uganda last summer. We are riding a boat and looking for hippos and elephants (we found both). We loved the time together and absolutely love Africa. We are so excited there will be two more temples there.

Sean is straddling the equator. The weather in Uganda is perfect all year around and hardly changes from January to June which means shorts are the way to go.

Here is Rachel with some of the Rwandan school children. They loved each other and this shows the true family of God which may be found in all variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Jessica is here with one of the many beautiful women of Uganda. They were so quick to laugh and smile with us. They are changing the world with their goodness.

Nathan is gathered with some future world cup soccer players. They had a great game during recess and were happy to show this white man their skills. They sang a song or two for us and we taught them "Popcorn Popping" and "I am a child of God". It was awesome.

Adam is ready for action in a tribal hut in Kenya. The boys are taken from their mothers about age 11 to live on their own. We do not practice this in the U.S.A but there are days...

Our family joined Jessica and a group of 15 BYU students in Uganda this summer. This is our group on a Safari in Queen Elizabeth Park. We are all smiling because we have just found lion tracks and a few minutes later we actually saw a small group of lions in the distance. I tried to get closer for a better photo and the guide called me back frantically. He said that the lions in Uganda like "white meat". Ha, Ha

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A mission call....

The call finally arrives...

Friends and family gathered to find out where Elder Costley will be spending the next two years...

Everyone wrote their guesses on the chalkboard...

There were lots of good guesses but Josslyn & Blakeley got it right!! Both guessed California~ Kade has been called to the San Diego, California misson Yea! (By the way, we are pretty sure these two pretty gals are the girls he will miss the most...but chances are good they will be waiting for him when he gets back) :):)

Kade will speak December 18th and enters the MTC Jan 11th, we all could not be more excited!

Thought I should add this cute picture of these cute "fancy farm girls"! ~ Sheryl