Friday, November 4, 2011

Erik & Skye Thompson Family

We've had an exciting year. In July we welcomed our 3rd boy into our family, Kael Bingham Thompson. He is a wonderful little baby and his big brothers love him.

Kire is 5 and started kindergarten in August at South Weber Elementary. He loves school and is so smart. Of course he had to wear one of his 10 Star Wars shirts to match his backpack. This summer he took swimming lessons and also learned to ride a 2 wheel bike.

Jack is 2 and is all boy. He loves sports, wrestling & baseball & football. He is a character too. He makes us laugh everyday.

Kael is now 3 months and is still such a good baby. Everyone thinks he looks just like Jack.

Last month we took a trip to St. George to see Judd coaching. We went hiking and the boys loved climbing the red rocks.

For Halloween the little boys were both Dragons and Kire was a skeleton.

Erik is still the head football coach at Northridge High school and teaching there. They just won their first playoff game and have had an awesome year.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Garret Andersons

And a Happy Halloween to you too!

Let's just get it out of the way right now that Garret & Tiffany are most likely doing the same as when you saw them last.  Nothing has changed.  Tiffany bums around the house in Denver while Garret travels to Utah nearly every week to bring home the bacon.  We are blissfully happy, life couldn't be better, blah blah blah. Now that we're all updated let's see what the kidlets have been doing, k?
Jack is in the sixth grade and just finished up his second season of tackle football.  He caught the only completion for BOTH seasons during their fourth game this year.  The kid is money.  I don't get why they don't pass to him every time.  He also had fun taking down kids twice his size (which is almost every kid, by the way) on defense.   As one super cheesy/lame football commentator said once.... "They forgot to measure his heart."  

He was also elected Student Body Vice President due to his genius campaign posters (such as the one below) and super funny speech.  Oh, and because he is Chrissi, Shelly & Stacey's nephew.

Tanner is now in the fourth grade and has finally (after 6 years) decided that Pokemon might not be as awesome as he once thought it was.  

He has also turned into a reading FOOL this year.  He read the entire Lightening Thief series in about 4 weeks.  He would walk around with his nose in his book like he used to do with his Nintendo DS.  We often go up to bed at 11:30 or midnight and find this going on:

But how can you get mad at your kid for READING?  You can't.

Brynn started Kindergarten this year and was sad today was a snow day because she "misses school."   She's doing the usual 5 year old girlie stuff like gymnastics, dance and getting her Dad to do anything she wants.

She also has taken to posting signs on her door and laying out her clothes (complete with accessories) the night before.  This only worries her mother a lot.

We hope you all are doing well and we look forward to Camp Beaver this year!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weber High 1933 Yearbook

One of my neighbors was doing some research from the Weber High class of 1933 and noticed lots of pictures of Grandpa and Grandma Thompson. She copied them on to a Cd and gave it to me. They were both "kind of a big deal " in their day (our day too!) I thought I would post some of their pictures for all to see. Grandma was Studentbody VP and Girl's Association President too? Why should that suprise me?