Friday, November 4, 2011

Erik & Skye Thompson Family

We've had an exciting year. In July we welcomed our 3rd boy into our family, Kael Bingham Thompson. He is a wonderful little baby and his big brothers love him.

Kire is 5 and started kindergarten in August at South Weber Elementary. He loves school and is so smart. Of course he had to wear one of his 10 Star Wars shirts to match his backpack. This summer he took swimming lessons and also learned to ride a 2 wheel bike.

Jack is 2 and is all boy. He loves sports, wrestling & baseball & football. He is a character too. He makes us laugh everyday.

Kael is now 3 months and is still such a good baby. Everyone thinks he looks just like Jack.

Last month we took a trip to St. George to see Judd coaching. We went hiking and the boys loved climbing the red rocks.

For Halloween the little boys were both Dragons and Kire was a skeleton.

Erik is still the head football coach at Northridge High school and teaching there. They just won their first playoff game and have had an awesome year.


sheryl said...

Your boys are ADORABLE! What an eventful year your family has had :)

Chrissi said...

What an adorable family! Congrats on another healthy baby and a cool life. :)

Mare Babes said...

sorry I'm so slow commenting. Your boys are so cute! The new baby is beautiful. I didn't get to see very much of the little one in St. George, but I got to sit behind Kire and Jack and they were darling.

Kalani said...

Kael is so chubs- your fam is so cute! After playing with your boys becks always says he wishes his sisters were brothers :)