Monday, August 29, 2011

Terry & Lori Hales family

This summer has been a busy one so far as I know it has been for each of you.

In July Lori's Dad, Ez passed away after battling cancer for 7 years. He has been so positive and had a great attitude about His life. We have lived next to him for 31 years. We will miss him!

Lori just returned from BYU Education week.(Thanks to all you relatives that attended her class) They put alot of work into their assigned subjects,and get lots of nice comments from those who come. As with fine wine they just get better with age.(Can I really use that anology of wine, BYU, and Heartbound all in the same sentence?)

Tyler, Tesha, Masen & Konner are all doing well. Tyler manages Timberline Exteriors and does lots of things that keep customers coming thru the doors and happy. Tesha does hair in their home and adds days to her schedule to keep up with the demand. Masen started school this year. He and Konner keep us all laughing with the funny things they do and say.They are going to Disney World next month.

Brady, Laura, and Noah live in North Ogden. Brady is working at Hill AFB as a contract administrator. Laura teaches a fitness class and music lessons during the week. They spent a week last month in San Deigo while Brady was attending training classes. Noah had his lst birthday last week and really liked his party and cake!

Blake and Tracie live in North Ogden as well. Blake is working at Williams International as a machinist. Tracie works in the loan department at America First.Tracie has finished her certification to be an Orthodonic Assistant. Blake and Tracie keep busy working, and doing things with family and friends.

Trent is working at America First as well, and is going to school at Weber State. Lori and I like having him & his friends hang out at our house. It makes us feel like we are cool people to be around!

Hope all is well with each of you!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Lowell and Kelly's Update

We have spent a lot of time enjoying boating at Bear Lake and staying at our cabin. Tyler has been bear hunting a couple of times over the summer with his friends. Derek and Kristen enjoyed a week in Hawaii. Emily and Kelly have enjoyed their summer off and are mentally preparing to go back to! Lowell and the kids did well at the Weber County Fair this year. It has been a good summer.

The family spent a couple of days replacing Gerald and Jeannine's roof.

Kelly, Alex, Kristen, and Emily spent a weekend in St. George and went to see The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thompson Called to Serve

We've had a few missionaries in our family since the last Thompson Missionary video was made. This is dedicated to them. Sorry the quality is grainy on the blog. I'll have a DVD to show at Camp Beaver that will be more clear.

Some of you may think you have seen this before. It's a bit different and if you watch to the end some of your questions will be answered.