Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St. George

It was great to have the Costley's and Brian's down for the weekend. Chad was very generous for taking Liz and I out to dinner. It is always great to be able to meet up and visit with family. Karah hit it on the head when she said that it is great that we can remain so close to everyone in the family even though we are unable to meet up very often. Thanks for coming to visit.


Mare Babes said...

We'll be there soon Juddy B. Can't wait to see you and Liz and have our turn to take you to dinner!

sheryl said...

Judd and Liz make a cute couple and to repeat a line Judd kept using "if this thing works"....then we think they both will have made a great catch!!!
Chad enjoyed watching Judd hit one out of the park...too bad it was for an out!!(The rule is only one per game.)
Chad & Sheryl