Saturday, July 18, 2009

Judd and Liz got engaged yesterday.

Liz congratulations and way to go Judd.

Liz and Judd are perfect for each other. We got to see them together a lot this summer and it was obvious to anyone watching that they will be very happy together. She will be a great wife, mother, aunt, cousin, neice, daughter in law, Camp Beaver competitor, roller hockey player, karaoke performer, late night Parliamenter, all types of gamer, great to hang out wither etc. etc.

The wedding is planned for Dec in Utah.



whimsycupcakes said...

COnGraTs!!! What a cute girl!! Judd when you are up farr west way holler so we can meet her! there may be some free grub involved! :)
cam and kalani

Chrissi said...

Congratulations, you two! This is another great example of how Thompsons always marry better looking people than we are. :) She's beautiful.

sheryl said...

Congrats Judd! We loved meeting Liz in St. George this Spring! She was so sweet to sit and listen to all the Camp Beaver stories!!

BrianFam said...

Yay! Im so happy for you guys and I want to say thanks to Liz for putting up with Judd all this time:) we are so happy for you guys and think your such a cute couple!

Jena Hendry said...

Congratulations! we are so happy for you two! Liz is so sweet!
Taylor & Jena & Maddee

colby said...

congrats to judd, and the future mrs. bingham. [colby and mindy sue]