Sunday, January 3, 2010

More new Thompson family members


Kalani said...

Clay and Marlen- Congrats!!! She is beautiful!! I didn't know you were even expecting and I was so excited to see you at the wedding! So I hope you can trek it out for camp beav!! :)
Judd and Liz-Congrats too! Your wedding was so fun!!

Cathy said...

Congratulations on your new sweet and beautiful baby. SO Adorable. Also, it was very nice to see you guys at the wedding, what a handsome couple. As short a visit as it was, it is always good to see family!! Jeff & Cathy

sheryl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Does this sweet baby have a name? She is darling!!
It was fun to be part of of wedding celebration too!!
Looks like the Layne Thompson family has had lots of good stuff going on!!

Chrissi said...

GORGEOUS baby!!! That hair! Beautiful bride. I heard the wedding was beautiful, and maybe as cold as mine was in january 11 years ago? Congratulations to you all!!
Loves, Chrissi

Jena Hendry said...

Congrats Clay & Marlen. She is gorgeous! Liz & Judd, you wedding was beautiful. Congratulations!