Thursday, September 29, 2011

We have had a fun summer and the last few weeks have been busy. We will touch on just a few things we have been doing.

In September, Sheryl, myself and the girls decided that we would put the Red Barn to good use. We had the first Red Barn Event. It was a fashion extravaganza featuring clothing, jewelry, purses, YUMMY CUPCAKES (by Whimsy), Minky blankets, shoes, darling children's dresses by our own, ( hair braid designs & feather extensions (by Sheryl)
We had a photographer there doing mini-sessions ( What a fun day it turned out to be and we had quite a crowd stuffed into our little barn. Check out Kami's interview by the daytime show Studio 5, KSL. You can find it on(
You might recognize some familiar "sisters" in one of the pictures! Look closely . . .

Our family recently went to Deer Valley and spent a weekend enjoying each others company, watching football, seeing beautiful scenery, taking our sweet little ones on kiddie rides & walks to the little park, sitting in the hot tub, sauna, & eating great food until we had gained a few lbs!

We are having a beautiful autumn and wish it could last all winter. We miss you all and can't wait to see many of you at the big wedding coming up.

We are all healthy & happy.
We wish you well.
Jeff & Cathy


Layne said...

Great post Cathy. The Red Barn event reminds me of the boutique you all did 30 years ago. Wasn't it in the old Warren Church, then the PC Lions Club?

The Barn is a much better place. And there are so many talented and creative people in the family to boost up the inventory.

Did anyone make quiet books?


Val said...

Whoa. When did Jeff shave the moustache?

Apparently I need to come to Camp Beaver more often.

Terry Hales said...

Excellent family news! We live closer than anyone and we have to catch up on all the news on the Blog. Great pictures and great family! I wished I would have made some wood kids clothes trees for the Red barn event...NOT!I heard lots of great comments about it tho!

Mare Babes said...

What a beautiful family. And yes, I recognize my gorgeous sister, Carol in the boutique picture. She said she attended and that it was really good. The Red Barn should be on a post card!