Saturday, December 10, 2011

Seaman Family: part 2

Ali playing on the junior high volleyball team. She has also started playing the violin.
(Sorry my posts are out of order; it's my first time. Just read in reverse.)
Danny has boundless energy and will soon perform in "Joseph, and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat."
Lizzie (7) and Hannah (4) certainly have their rough and roudy times. Liz enjoys karate and being a spy, while Hannah puts on her own make-up for her daily princess fashion show.

Megan is 21 months old and needs that sweet smile to make up for her excessive clinginess and random screaming fits at night.
Clark and I are busy trying to enjoy and keep up with these kids.
We can't wait to see you all at Camp Beaver 2012!


Mare Babes said...

Beautiful family pictures! You need one more boy at the end and then you would have the Dale Ellis family.
Congrats on making the volleyball team, Ali. I was the last one to get cut from the Wahlquist Eagles volleyball team circa 1964. AND, Joseph is my very favorite play. I saw Donny Osmond as Joseph at the Chicago theatre when we first moved here and loved it. We went to see it again a few weeks later. I'm not really a Donny fan, but he was phenomenal. Harold and Elda were with us, sitting by Layne, and Clay sat by me on the 3rd row. We had a great view. Almost as good as watching Robbyn in "Les Miserables" in MN (with my binoculars...we were on the 6th row;) great seat but I wanted to see her really close up!
Thanks for posting. Miss you guys . . . . .

sheryl said...
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sheryl said...

Loved your cute Christmas card...your family is growing up :)