Sunday, February 17, 2013

White Mush Sunday

This week I have been flooded with memories of Grandma & Grandpa Thompson.  My mom gave me an afghan and a book from Grandma's collection for my birthday this year. On the inside cover of the book is Grandma's signature in her perfect cursive.  We watched the movie Layne made of her cooking white mush, and after a week of non-stop cravings, I woke up this morning and made some.  I couldn't wait for it to set, either. Cooked a batch right after the roll was formed.  I was fortunate enough to grow up next door to both of my Grandparents.  We caught the bus for school in front of Grandma & Grandpa Thompson's house.  Each morning they would make us hot chocolate or spiced apple cider and serve it to us in tea cups with saucers.  Sometimes Grandpa would sneak us a powdered donut when Grandma wasn't looking.  One morning I was late for the bus and Grandpa met me at the end of the sidewalk with a tea cup full of hot chocolate.  5 days a week I was able to visit with them each morning.  And on the weekends we played basketball or football or softball in their front yard.  At night, we played kick the can or come to court on the farm.  I miss those simple times spent dressing up and giving fashion shows to them as they sat in their chairs in the living room or plunking away on the piano in the living room.  I miss them both so much.



Mare Babes said...

What sweet memories you have of your extraordinary grandparents. They both were very special people. I love them and miss them so much as well. Luckily, Layne can make white mush and makes it when we visit our boys and their families.It's a real treat! I was lucky to live by my grandparents too. I have special memories that often come back to me. Thanks for posting Mande. I'm very touched by your reminiscences.

Terry Hales said...

Thanks for posting your memories.
I too grew up next door to Grandpa and Grandma. I have great memories of my childhood.Layne once mentioned that he thought every son (and grandson) grew up the way we did. As I grew older I realized that not everyone had the benefits from our Grandparents that we all had.They set a high standard for me as I am now a Grandfather to try and emulate. It's not an easy thing to do!

Mary said...

Those were sweet memories. Glad you got to have them. I miss them so much, too.