Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cousins race in Ogden Marathon!!

Tesha, Laura, Emily and i were a relay team "Running Scared" in the Ogden Marathon. we each ran a leg and had a fun time while doing it. we took 30th! and we r dang proud! we ain't runnin scared no more :)

Jena did the WHOLE 26.2 MiLeS! she is an amazing women. she had trained so hard and was so dedicated.. she's a champ! we are champions! 


Layne said...

Wow! very impressive. Way to go girls... and thanks for the pictures.

Marlen did a half marathon last month in Quincy IL. We went to watch and help with the kids. I'm always amazed at the committment and stamina people who do those things have.

You're all Champs


Mar said...

Great job Girls!!! That is very impressive and hard work indeed. It looks like it was a great day and lots of fun!

Mare Babes said...

Congratulations to all of you! Jena Wow! you made it!!!

sheryl said...

AMAZING! Next time you should consider carrying the Thompson Torch!! JK!! You made us all proud!!