Monday, June 15, 2009

Number 200

We have a winner!  We're all winners!

Samuel John Thompson was born to Bryant and Teresa Thompson on June 7th 2009 and has been officially given the number 200.  It was a very close race and one that garnered national attention.  Congratulations to all of our contestants.

Here are the finalists

Boston Derek Farr born May10 in Utah = 197

Tanner Lee Spradling born May 22 in Washington = 198

Kaden Marshall Glenn born June 1 in Utah = 199

Samuel John Thompson born June 7 in South Carolina = 200

Next up Shane and Kylee's baby in Arizona in July


Note to Bry, after all these years of Vearl and I using the name John it's nice to actually have a John Thompson in the family.  Do you mind if we call him John Dan?

Note to Lori and Shelly, yes, I know we already have Jon Forsyth and John Neilson.  But I couldn't resist doing the John Dan bit.


sheryl said...

Congrats on number 200! What a beautiful family!

Kylee said...

Congratulations you guys! He's going to be the prince of Camp Beaver next year! He's darling.

Mare Babes said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Mar said...

Theresa and Bry-

Yeah! He is so beautiful! 200 is a great number and will fit this cutie pie perfectly!


whimsycupcakes said...

numero 200 that is a big deal!!! You already know we think he is beautiful but you can't say that too much! can't wait to meet him!!!