Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carolyn's News

We are doing great, our life is almost back to normal (in reference to my health trauma).

At the end of May we had a gratitude dinner at Maddox for our children and spouses. Gary and I gave little speeches of thanks for life and having a great family to help us. We reviewed the events of March and April. Now we're moving on hoping to remember the blessings given us and to forget the scary experiences we all had.

Blossom is safe from the flood. Warren is under water much like the floods of 1952 and 1983 only worse. The Warren church parking lot is the command post for Red Cross, National Guard, and all the Sheriffs in Weber County. We have crisis captains for every block in place for emergencies and the "younger" residents have been sandbagging every few days for weeks.


Mare Babes said...

What a beautiful, awesome family you and Gary have! I had no idea you were under water out there! I hope all goes well for the Gary and Carolyn Hales family. We send our love from Illinois. . .

sheryl said...

VERY impressed with your blogging skills Mom...and we are very glad your still around after your traumatic experience :) :)

Layne said...

Where is all the water come from? 2nd Creek? Are any houses being flooded?

Glad Carolyn and Gary are feeling better and it's nice to have all the kids to dinner at a place where you don't have to cook.

Great post.