Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mary Brave; Family Grateful

Hello dear family, I'm happy to write-up an entry for my Mom, Mary, per her request.
Things are well in Logan. Mom finished-up Chemo the week before last and we surprised her with a party when she got out of the treatment. Today would have been another great day for a party! the Tuesday she didn't have to go in for another treatment. She did, however, meet with the Radiologist. In a couple of weeks, Mom will begin 6 1/2 weeks of radiation, 5 days per week.

In other Logan news: we are all grateful to have had no flooding this year. We were prepared for quite a lot of water, which we had, but the weather kept it from coming all at once.
This past week we had an Anderson cousin reunion. Grandma Mary and Grandpa Runar took the oldest grandkids to the Lion House for an un birthday party and we had all sorts of other great love and fun building activities over a few days. Below a couple pictures from that reunion:

The big kids: Vanessa, Tanner, Johnny, Caroline, Jack, Rosemary at temple square after the Lion House party
The two front-toothless kids.
Mary and Runar's grandkids minus Dotty, Ally and Julia


sheryl said...

Oh what sweet grandkids...such a good idea to have a surprise party for their brave Grandma!!! Mary you look great, so glad to hear the chemo is behind you. Good luck with the radiation and know that our love and prayers are with you :) :)
Much Love Sheryl

Cathy said...

Mary, you look beautiful and what a fun party and reason to celebrate!! We think of you often and miss you at events but we know that you will be back healthy and strong and we will be glad to see you back in action. We wish the best for you and your sweet family . . . love you, Jeff & Cathy

Kalani said...

Mary the brave :) You are beautiful and an inspiration- you are in our prayers! :)

Mare Babes said...

Mary, I think about you literally every day! I'm so glad you are done with the chemo! You are a remarkable woman. I love you and hope to see you soon. Darling grandchildren by the way. . .