Sunday, July 17, 2011

Layne and Marilyn's news

Babuh and I just finished a great month of having our family in Illinois. We had all of our kids and grandkids together for the Illimpics, late night games, early morning fun, afternoon activities (in other words, fun 24/7).

Mother's Day dinner
All 6 grandkids
Five darling granddaughters
Illimpic competitors running the 880
Flags and pageantry
Chicago Temple
Front porch
Illimpic Torch

Hope all of your are doing well.



Cathy said...

Looks like your beautiful family has had a great time!! Wow I knew your family had grown, but to see them all together in a group, it looks like camp Beaver!!

Kalani said...

What an awesome family! Lots of those grandkids I have never met! Hope I get to someday! :)

Mary said...

That all looks so fun. What a great family

Chrissi said...

Another great generation of fun! so happy for you and your beautiful family. :)