Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A few shots from last week in St George

Ice Cream in Colorado City

A rare photo of the people and streets in the polygamist city

Weed, when he figured out that he was going to have to buy lunch for about 15 people

Jena and Tay, Judd and Liz, Lori trying to stay out of the picture

An exciting day at Red Robin. They have bottomless fries there you know

It was great to hang out with some family members


PS, Lori also gave us the latest Heartbound CD. It's excellent. "Chasing Dreams". I particularly liked song #3 (we listened to it about 50 times on the trip). It's a snappy tune and Lori sings the lead, she let's her "Dolly" side come out. Very good.


Layne said...

Jena's baby is named Lily Tay.


Jena Hendry said...

It was so fun to see you all!