Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hales' Cousins @ Little Mountain

We kept the Hales' family tradition alive this year and went to Little Mountain for Easter. We ate yummy food and the kids went on an Easter egg hunt. It was fun to see everyone and extra fun to have little kids in the family to make things just a little more entertaining! Here are some pics...

It's hard taking pics of the little kiddies!
This is one of our best!

Jena & Lily hunting for eggs

Konner being a Cool Baby

Mason the Stud

Cute Cousin Kader

Sweetest Blakeley Boo with her cute piggies

Jeff, Cathy, Megan & Ty

And another attempt for a picture!
I feel sad that I didn't get any pictures of Grandpa & Grandma Hales! So if you have any, please post!
Love, Jena


sheryl said...

Thanks Jena; Gr. and Gr. would be proud of these snapshots of their 30+ year tradition!
Its hard to capture the cowpies, wind & rocks as sharp as razors in a picture. JK!!

Layne said...

How did I miss out on that tradition? Mothe' always told about how she did it when she was little. Now Carolyn says she's been doing it for years... it must have skipped a generation.

I slept out on Little mountain with Flash, Lee Folkman and some Wades one year. All I remember was how long it took me to ride a horse from Blossom to little mountain and back. Probably the reason that tradition never really caught on.


Mare Babes said...

I remember going out there with Layne and the Hales many years ago. I'm glad you've kept the tradition alive. Much fun!