Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anybody know a sister Rogers?

So Babuh and I are at a Wedding in the Mexi Branch.  We sit down to eat some rice, beans and tortillas and the sister missionaries join us at our table.  I smile and nod and ask (like I always do,) "So where are you from?"  The first one says California and we comment that one of our sons is out there.  

Then the second sister says, "North Ogden" and acts like we probably don't know where that is.  Turns out she's Craig Rogers' daughter, knows Clark Skeen, Lana and Shanny Musgrave, Kami Watson, the Winzelers, Megan Hales, Alan Stokes and many others.  

Babuh was very glad to have someone to talk to in English, so they had quite a visit.


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